Pile Treatment

Introduction to Pile Treatment

Significant number of constructions whome are in soil where is high level of underground water, have necesity of proper waterproofing. The foundation slab on such construction mainly lay on piles, major challenge is proper waterproofing of heads of piles – under the foundation slab. There are many different systems of waterproofing of foundation slabs. Despite of variety of those systems, whom are mainly membranes systems (bitumen, PVC, TPO or EPDM), waterproofing pile head treatment mainly were performed wih some of coating systems sach penetrat or other polymer cement base coatings. Major problems are in proper connection between different types of materials – stiff and elastic, or on position where steel bars go out from concrete of head pile.

Especially when the uplift of underground water is present, those places are critical for water ingress. Analysing those problems we make unique solution where we solve several different technical challenges. Unique system for waterproofing of pile heads based on MetaMethylAcrilate – MMA waterproofing. No matter which type of main waterproofing system for foundation slab, joint with MMA waterproofing on area of pile head is execute with special and unique Metaset Structural Adhesive capable to make excellent bond of MMA waterproofing with other waterproofing materials (PVC, TPO, EPDM).

Process for applying MMA waterproofing should be performed in following steps : – proper surface preparation – surface must be dry and structurally sound. Steel bar from pile must be clean from rust-bright metal and throughly degreased. – priming of concrete surface with primer for concrete – PAR-1 – priming of steel bars from pile reinforcement with primer Zed–S 94 – egde od main waterproofing system for foundation slab in width of 15-20cm should be covered with Metaset Structural Adhesive. – applying of MMA waterproofing in two coats. First is yellow, and fter curring of first, applying second – white or grey coat. MMA should cover all prepared areas – Metaset Structural Adhesive, primed surfaces – both concrete and steel.

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