Liquid Waterproofing

Procedure of liquid waterproofing.


BASF Approved Mesh is embedded in a thin base layer of approximately 0.5mm thick, covered with the first coat of Masterseal 588 at 1.2kg/m2 whilst still wet. Ensure that the mesh is a minimum of 200 mm wide when treating existing cracks or joints.


Allow to cure at least 6 hours at 20∘ C before applying subsequent coats. Low temperatures and high humidity will delay setting and curing. Humidification of the previous coat is only allowed in extremely dry conditions. Remove eventual condensation. Brush, roll or spray the mix onto the surface in a similar thickness as above, finishing in one direction, preferably at 90∘ to the previous layer to ensure good coverage.


Under hot or excessive drying conditions adequate protective shielding should be foreseen. In cold, humid or unventilated areas it may be necessary to leave the application for a longer curing period. Masterseal 588 needs to cure under air-dry circumstances. Additional heating and/or ventilation can assist proper curing. NEVER use dehumidifiers during curing periods.

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