Importance of GRP Lining for Household Waterproofing

Coating your home with the right materials to protect it from the water intrusion is paramount. And could save you thousands of Dirhams in the future! GRP lining or glass reinforced plastic is a composite material that helps make your home water-tight. Protecting it from the elements.

GRP and Composite Materials Explained

Simply put, composite materials are those that have been manufactured from two separate materials. Creating a ‘composite’ which features the properties of both.

GRP is one such composite material as it features the properties of resin and glass to create a strong and lightweight product. The glass present is typically woven into the fabric of the fiberglass or present in the form of glass strands. Aramid or carbon fibres can also be included in GRP where additional strength is required for advanced applications.

The versatility and adaptability of GRP make it a very popular solution for a wealth of applications. Experienced waterproofing contractors in Dubai use GRP in flat roofing and boat repairs to name just two applications.

The Advantages of GRP Lining

There is a wealth of reasons why GRP is not just advantageous. But paramount to providing your home with proficient waterproofing. Its unique attributes allow the material to be easily moulded. To almost any shape and design and manufactured in a wealth of different colours and finishes. It should come as little surprise that GRP is the material of choice for engineers, architects, designers, and buildings.

But, beyond the superior waterproofing properties GRP possesses. Are there any other reasons why consumers and a waterproofing company in Dubai would choose GRP? Yes – there are.

Corrosion Resistant

One of the primary reasons why GRP works so well as a waterproofing solution is that it is corrosion and weather resistant, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor application. It’s also a popular alternative to metal, wood or plastic.

Furthermore, GRP can bolster resistance to UV light, extreme temperatures, salty air and abundant chemicals. Being chemically inert and corrosion-resistant, consumers and waterproofing companies alike agree that GRP is a cheaper alternative to stainless steel for various applications.

Choice of Aesthetic Finish

GRP offers a diverse range of finishes. These include a matt, semi-gloss or high-gloss coloured topcoat or gelcoat. To make sure you receive the highest quality finish possible, gelcoats are applied prior to the GRP being molded into the environment.

Not only that, in a highly corrosive environment, the topcoat’s performance is vastly superior to paint, meaning that GRP can effortlessly protect your home from water intrusion easier than paint will.

You also get the choice of textured finishes. As a learned waterproofing company in Dubai like Blue Seal will tell you, textures are achieved by adding different finishing materials, for example, surface tissue, to help meticulously mould GRP into any environment.

When compared with similar building materials, GRP offers a sleeker, contoured finish for a superior moulded appearance which drastically elevates the aesthetic appearance of any room.

Easy to Maintain

One of the bonuses with using GRP is that it doesn’t require any upkeep. Not only can you enjoy superior waterproofing solutions all year round, you won’t need to pay considered attention to the material month-in, month-out to make sure that it is still performing optimally.

GRP will not attract dirt, moss or other organic growths and can be left unattended to for years without the risk of a waterproofing failure. However, after a period of 20-25 years, knowledgeable waterproofing contractors will recommend you apply a fresh ‘gel coat.’ Once applied, you’ll immediately see a new colour and because GRP does not rot, peel or crack in any weather, you can be assured of effective waterproofing for another 25 years.

If you’d like to learn more about why GRP lining is essential to your home or have any questions about the current waterproofing integrity of your home – and if it could be drastically improved – call the leading waterproofing company in Dubai, Blue Seal, today on: 04-227-0123 to find out more.

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